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    Bomber's Moon (by Grant Patterson)
    Bomber's Moon (by Grant Patterson)

    Bomber's Moon (by Grant Patterson)

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    **An Historical Novel**

    Bomber’s Moon is a fictional account of the air war in Europe in 1943-44, told through the eyes of Flying Officer David ‘Gnat’ Royce, a gunner on a Lancaster bomber in a Royal Canadian Air Force squadron.

    Gnat has already served one tour on a Main Force Halifax squadron before transferring to Pathfinders, after he was the lone survivor of a ditching in the North Sea. Now, as he looks forward to the end of his second tour, he reflects on his experiences and veers between optimism and despair about his chances of survival. After his old skipper goes missing in action on another aircraft, his hopes for survival rest on a talented, yet volatile veteran pilot who takes over the crew.

    Gnat and his friends contend with everything Nazi Germany can throw at them, flak, fighters, and new technology, on their missions deep into the Reich. One last trip under a Bomber’s Moon will prove to be the hardest of them all.

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