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    Old Pilot, Bold Pilot (by Blaine Bjarnarson)

    Old Pilot, Bold Pilot (by Blaine Bjarnarson)

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    The adage that there are no Old Bold Pilots is in dispute. Blaine Bjarnarson is indeed the survivor of some amazing flying events and tells his story from the left seat of his favourite airplane—a Twin Otter on floats. We learn early in this book’s 226 illustrated pages that Bjarnarson is good at what he does because he gets called back from all the bush operators he flies for; those in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, in Yellowknife, even in Croatia, the Middle East and the Maldives.

    His stint with Kenn Borek Air has our Old Bold guy transporting a DHC-6 across the globe to the Maldives. Later, while testing an innovation that flies only in ground effect, it brings our hero to a near-death experience that should have grounded him for life. But read on, as this is where he disputes the adage and keeps his hand in.

    Writing this book from his own little spa in Thailand, Bjarnarson awaits the end of COVID to get airborne once more to add a final chapter to his amazing life.

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