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    The Next Plane Crash (by Alan Eugeni)
    The Next Plane Crash (by Alan Eugeni)

    The Next Plane Crash (by Alan Eugeni)

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    Alan Eugeni is no stranger to change. After earning both a commerce degree, a mechanical engineering degree and an MBA, he held various positions at Bombardier, General Motors and Teleglobe Canada. In 1996 he followed his entrepreneurial spirit and became a marketing consultant to several high-technology start-ups, covering sales across Europe and the Caribbean. He switched gears once more in the early 2000s and founded a successful closet manufacturing business. In 2009 he sold that business to begin flight training and pursue a lifelong dream to fly. In 2015 he was hired by Air Canada Express and became type-rated on the Bombardier CRJ200. The following year he was promoted to captain.

    As a regional airline captain, he had a front row seat to the many ways in which profits sometimes took precedence over safety. He writes candidly about his real-life experiences in the challenging world of regional airline operations.

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