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    The Ice Pilots (by Michael Vlessides)
    The Ice Pilots (by Michael Vlessides)

    The Ice Pilots (by Michael Vlessides)

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    A nail-biting tour whooshing through the Arctic air alongside the legendary ice pilots, whose story created an international television sensation.

    Based on the top-rated TV show that aired on History Channel and Global TV in Canada, and in eleven other countries around the world, The Ice Pilots follows a group of pilots in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, and the extraordinary adventures of the most unorthodox flyboys on Earth.

    Renegade Arctic airline Buffalo Airways defies the cold and the competition by using Second World War-era propeller planes to haul vital fuel, supplies and passengers to remote outposts across the world's last great wilderness of Northern Canada. From rookie pilots trying to earn their wings in dangerous conditions to vintage planes that flew over Normandy on D-Day, The Ice Pilots brings its readers on an engaging romp through Arctic skies.

    The intrepid Michael Vlessides – the writer behind Les Stroud's bestselling Survivorman books – braves bone-chilling temperatures, treacherous landings and iconic owner ‘Buffalo’ Joe McBryan's famous temper to capture behind-the-scenes stories about the ice pilots, the crews, the passengers and the communities they serve. Weaving in history about bush pilots, plane crashes and the North, Vlessides has crafted an entertaining, informative narrative about aviation: the lifeline of this remote and icy world.

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