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    The Desire to Fly (by S.R. (Rick) Found)

    The Desire to Fly (by S.R. (Rick) Found)

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    No surprise that author RICK FOUND was an airline captain with Air Canada. His father blazed the path as a senior captain with Trans Canada Air Lines (TCA) and his uncle and Rick’s dad were the team that put the famed FBA-2C BUSH HAWK in the air. The surprise was that the young teenager, having grown up on the hangar floor, so to speak, chose to join the Canadian navy before realizing his future was in the skies.

    Found’s service aboard HMCS Haida awakened an interest in weather-related sciences, which would serve him well when he began his ultimate destiny as an Arctic bush pilot then airline trainee and ultimately captain with Canada’s national airline.

    Educated in boarding schools in England, the author was forced by Air Canada’s requirements to gain a Canadian matriculation before they would accept him for airline training. He performed this feat simultaneously with the arduous initial pilot indoctrination imposed by Canada’s national airline. These pages, filled with Found’s exciting flying adventures, details for the first time the exacting training that goes on behind the scenes in an airline pilot’s experiences—it’s a great day when those four bars are sewn on the sleeve.

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