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    Martin Mars - The Mighty Water Bomber (by Suzan Coulson)

    Martin Mars - The Mighty Water Bomber (by Suzan Coulson)

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    Children's book – Ages 2 - 12

    Lots of children have enjoyed a visit to an airport or experienced the thrill of an airplane ride, but how many have had a gigantic red and white airplane, named Martin, for a best friend?

    Well, for one little boy this was a dream come true. Whether he was hanging out on Martin’s 200-foot wingspan and listening to Martin’s captivating stories of the past, or Martin was towing him around on his wakeboard, or they were having the world’s largest water fight – they were inseparable.

    Join the adventure as you enter into the world of Martin the Marvellous Water Bomber. Meet his delightful and funny friends at the fire base and learn about his fascinating history, both during the Second World War and in his current job as the world’s largest water-scooping airplane.

    Follow their friendship over the years as the little boy grows into a man and they prepare for their biggest adventure yet.

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