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    Coast Dogs Don't Lie (by Jack Schofield)

    Coast Dogs Don't Lie (by Jack Schofield)

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    They called it the 'North Coast Sched', but it didn't go to British Columbia's North Coast, only as far north as would allow a Beaver or Otter seaplane to get back to base before grounding time. Calling it a schedule was also something of a stretch, as it was rarely on time. As one wag put it, “We could be on time if there weren't so many babies to deliver along the way.” The 'babies' were more often truck transmissions, logging equipment and large grocery loads for the camp cookhouses.

    Until 1980, six coastal airlines performed this kind of homespun daily flying service from bases at Vancouver, Nanaimo, Campbell River, Port Hardy and Prince Rupert. The once familiar names painted on their aircraft's flanks are gone now, but in these pages, readers will find reflections on and from those pilots who flew the scheds and the charter flights, and who always had a good story to tell when they returned. The storytelling tradition is called 'hangar flying' and it's in great form here in Coast Dogs Don't Lie. Let hangar flyer extraordinaire Jack Schofield take you on an entertaining tour of the North Coast Sched's glory days.

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