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    Airline Pilot – A Day in the Life (by Grant Corriveau)
    Airline Pilot – A Day in the Life (by Grant Corriveau)

    Airline Pilot – A Day in the Life (by Grant Corriveau)

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    “This is the captain speaking…”

    You’ve heard the announcements. But have you ever wondered what’s really going on ‘up there’? You can’t visit the pilots during flight, but you can get the inside scoop. Join an experienced Airbus A320 flight crew as they face a typical day’s work. From the hectic pace of irregular operations, turbulence and quick turnarounds, to landing in marginal weather with minimal fuel reserves, this detailed description of a line pilot’s job places you in the heart of the action. Captain Grant Corriveau (Uplift - A Pilot’s Journey) once again takes you beyond that locked door to see what real airline pilots are up to while you’re invited to “Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight”.

    After 30 years of airline flying, the captain has gained a few insights and formed some opinions. Now he's happy to share them.

    “Fuel gives us time - and options. But now fuel is costly, and companies dole it out by the teaspoonful. They dispatch us with minimal fuel reserves based on the reliability claims made for weather forecasts. I wonder if weather departments ever overstate the validity of their predictions, to justify the multimillions of dollars spent on technical equipment and super-computers. Or is this just another example of my ‘old pilot’ skepticism morphing into cynicism?”

    Corriveau shares intimate details with typical humour and candour...

    “An old aviation maxim says, ‘We don't fly until the weight of the paper equals the weight of the pilot.’ And, just like my waistline, the paperwork has increased over the years. Once on board, the datalink will start spitting out paper like, well, like it grows on trees. First Officer Paula hoists about an elm-and-a-half off the counter and we make our way back over to the luggage rack.”

    “I hear the sounds of galley doors and storage units slamming shut behind me. I glimpse someone in the jetway swinging the main cabin door closed. It must be time to go.”

    Here’s your boarding pass, now hurry! Don't miss this golden opportunity to sit in the flight deck and view the job of an airline pilot from the inside out.

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