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    African Skies (by Robert S. Grant)
    African Skies (by Robert S. Grant)

    African Skies (by Robert S. Grant)

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    Readers of Robert Grant’s regular columns and occasional features in Canadian Aviator magazine know that his prose brings alive the environments he finds himself in. His book African Skies is no exception, as Grant recounts his experiences in Africa, from Algeria’s Sahara Desert in the north to the jungles of the Congo, from Sudan’s Darfur region in the east to Liberia on Africa’s west coast. And many more regions are described in the over 400 pages full of African Skies, and the sights found on the ground between flights.

    Much of Grant’s time in Africa was in service of the United Nations, whose missions brought him throughout a continent full of contradictions and conflicts, strife and hope. Readers will be spellbound with what he witnessed during his years as an African bush pilot.

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