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Quietus - Last Flight (by Anne Gafiuk)
Quietus - Last Flight (by Anne Gafiuk)

Quietus - Last Flight (by Anne Gafiuk)

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by Anne Gafiuk

Much has been written about the horrific combat losses of Canadian air crew in the Second World War but many also died in accidental crashes. The crashes and their subsequent investigations have relevance for today’s pilots.

In 1948, Hugh Burns Hay, a decorated Second World War navigator, returned to university to finish his medical degree. As part of his studies, he requested the files of sixteen Royal Canadian Air Force pilots in an effort to identify accident proneness. The crashes occurred between February 1943 and February 1944.

Included are the details of the accidents, the Court of Inquiry’s findings, plus updated information from both military sources and families of the pilots and crewmembers. Second World War veterans and post-war Royal Canadian Air Force pilots contribute their thoughts about each accident.

Generously illustrated, Quietus: Last Flight offers a unique insight into the Second World War on the home front in Canada, as well as a glimpse into the post-war aviation medicine and present-day aviation accident investigation.

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