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    No Ordinary Days (by Terry McEvoy)

    No Ordinary Days (by Terry McEvoy)

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    You don’t put 28,000 hours in your logbook without having a few adventures to relate from a lifetime in aviation. As an ATPL pilot who just happens to have flown 175 different types, both fixed and rotary wing, Terry McEvoy also sports an M Licence as an AME. When he wasn’t in the left seat, he was bending wrenches in the maintenance hangar and, now that retirement looks imminent, is still building something in the garage that will do a roll off the top for him, his son, his grandson and a few granddaughters who are all employed airline pilots following in granpa’s shoes. As did the man himself, whose father and stepfather were both pilots.

    McEvoy’s book is a dizzying overview of a fabulous aviation career starting in the bush and the Arctic and ending in a world-girdling flight in the fastest biz-jet in the business—the Cessna Citation X. You might take a flashlight to bed with you with this book because you won’t put it down until you have slid once more into the left seat and climbed to 51,000 feet for a little afternoon flight to anywhere in the world’s skies.

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