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    Canada’s Fighting Pilots (by Edmund Cosgrove)
    Canada’s Fighting Pilots (by Edmund Cosgrove)

    Canada’s Fighting Pilots (by Edmund Cosgrove)

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    First published in the 1960s, Edmund Cosgrove recounts the lives of Canada’s outstanding pilots and their exploits in the two world wars. From the brilliant individualists who flew in the First World War to the tough and dedicated bomber crews of the Second, this is the story of Canadian airmen and their remarkable contributions to the war effort. An essential book for any aviation and history enthusiast, the superbly readable original text that made this book a classic in its day is now supplemented with new and unpublished photos.

    Gathered together are the stories of some of Canada’s most celebrated pilots; William ‘Billy’ Bishop, whose daring, solo dawn raid on a German airfield won him the Victoria Cross; William Barker, who fought single-handedly an entire squadron of enemy aircraft; George ‘Buzz’ Beurling, the ace of Malta who achieved a remarkable score of victories fighting from an island under siege; and Andrew Mynarski, VC, whose attempts to save the life of a trapped comrade, high over Germany, ultimately cost him his own. These are their unforgettable stories.

    With an introduction by Brick Billing.

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