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    Bush & Arctic Pilot (by Al Williams)
    Bush & Arctic Pilot (by Al Williams)

    Bush & Arctic Pilot (by Al Williams)

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    As I laid out my maps on the hotel floor that night, I certainly had some doubts about my rusty abilities. “I'm just a Saskatchewan farm boy,” I thought to myself. “What am I doing here, preparing to navigate into the arctic?” I pondered that question for some time.

    This title reveals the life and times of a Saskatchewan farm boy, whose goals led him to navigating the untamed North during his aviation adventures. Bush and Arctic Pilot tells the story of Al Williams’ life in aviation. Winging though the Canadian bush and into the North, Williams piloted 35 different aircraft types, from Piper Cubs to DC-3s. Though he spent less time in the cockpit than many other pilots, few have shared their experiences so vividly.

    Originally intended as recollections for his grandchildren and subsequent generations, Williams has created an interesting volume that adds to Canadian flying history. This book will be enjoyed by aviation buffs everywhere.

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