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    Avro Arrow (by The Arrowheads)
    Avro Arrow (by The Arrowheads)

    Avro Arrow (by The Arrowheads)

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    *** Large format book***

    At its creation in the mid-1950s, the Avro Arrow was a fighter jet without equal. This Cold War aircraft was 20 years ahead of its time. Unfortunately, political realities resulted in the complete termination of the Arrow project. Cancellation of the Arrow called for the destruction of all photos, drawings, models, specifications and tooling. Even the aircraft themselves were disassembled and destroyed.

    Avro Arrow is a fascinating historical record with an extensive collection of rare and highly prized colour photos, drawings (many of them fold-out) and "found" diagrams. Using 200 images, the book traces the story of the Arrow from its inception to rollout and flight test, including advanced proposals for the development of future versions.

    Primary sources include:

    • Taped interviews, test pilots' firsthand impressions, Avro officials and many plant personnel;
    • Surviving company records;
    • Declassified government documents.

    Diagrams offer stunning details such as the North American strategic defense zones and interception tactics proposed for bomber attacks. This book concentrates solely on the vision, design and technical excellence of the airplane itself rather than the politics of its demise.

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